A downloadable pixel textures

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All in PNG Format
All textures available for 3D and 2D use, following the rogue-style we all know and love this texture pack aims to help game developers build high quality scenes using either the tiles as themselves (2D) or the paint tool (3D).

Textures ranging from: *Water (1)
*Dirt (9) *Sand (5)
*Stone(9) *Wood(9)
*2 Brand new cobble stone textures! For paths.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this pixel textures you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

CobblestoneTexture.png 357 kB
CobblestoneTexture2.png 73 kB
DirtTexture.png 518 kB
DirtTexture2.png 324 kB
DirtTexture3.png 450 kB
DirtTexture4.png 328 kB
DirtTexture5.png 336 kB
DirtTexture6.png 436 kB
DirtTexture7.png 255 kB
DirtTexture8.png 395 kB
LowpixelSand.png 144 kB
SandTexture.png 305 kB
SandTexture2.png 265 kB
SandTexture3.png 268 kB
SandTexture4.png 148 kB
StoneTexture3.png 413 kB
StoneTexture4.png 348 kB
StoneTexture5.png 415 kB
StoneTexture7.png 71 kB
StoneTexture9.png 244 kB
StoneTexture10.png 385 kB
Water.png 322 kB
WoodTexture.png 126 kB
WoodTexture2.png 292 kB
WoodTexture3.png 142 kB
WoodTexture4.png 367 kB
WoodTexture5.png 272 kB
WoodTexture6.png 117 kB
WoodTexture7.png 155 kB
WoodTexture8.png 231 kB
WoodTexture9.png 386 kB

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